Covid-19 Pandemic

Until the 17 April we are obliged and will work from our homes; we also can’t meet with clients, get documents signed, or register transfers at the Deeds Office or get Executorship letters from the Master of the High Court.

But we CAN –

  • Advise and draft Wills (bit macabre in the circumstances but important) then send them to you for signature with instructions on signing;
  • Draft Partnership agreements, shareholder’s agreements, Antenuptial agreements and co-habitation agreements for you to consider and, if a notary is needed, sign when we can get together;
  • Advise and draft sale agreements, especially for homes, apartments, investment properties and apartment blocks;
  • Start the administration of an estate by advising the banks, SARS, creditors and debtors, even though we would have to wait for the Letters of Executorship before any real work can be done;
  • Prepare and advise on a Trust and draw the Trust Deed and supporting documents for your approval, signature and Lodgement with the Master of the High Court after the 16 April, 2020 to get Letters of Authority.

Give Duncan a call on 083 381 2739 and he will refer you to the correct person to handle your matter.