About us

De Wet – Van der Watt has grown a loyal client base over the years, with a large number of clients returning on a regular basis with property transactions, business leases, contacts, wills, estates, antenuptial contacts and commercial transactions. While the firm’s expertise and attention to problem-solving plays a significant role in this, it is also the friendly, approachable and reliable manner in which services are delivered that encourages clients to return.

GlenGlen van der Watt

Glen, a founding partner of De Wet – Van der Watt, has been a part of the firm from the very beginning. Attorney, conveyancer and notary public, Glen’s 40 years of  experience combined with his expertise and dedication to people drives the company’s philosophy: “to provide an efficient, friendly, complete service and solve problems with integrity”.

Glen has been happily married to Glynis for over 35 years, and has three sons, three daughters-in-law, and three grandchildren.

DuncanDuncan Warner

Duncan is an attorney and conveyancer. He grew up and was schooled in Johannesburg, where he completed his candidate attorneyship. Duncan looks after the Deeds Office transactions and is rapidly forming relationships with the staff there.

DebbieDebbie Starkey

Debbie Starkey is a highly experienced conveyancing secretary and has been with De Wet – Van der Watt for over twelve years, where she has grown a very loyal following of clients.

Debbie is happily married to her husband, Robin, and has one son, Keanan.

LizLiz Peter

Liz is a highly experienced conveyancing secretary and has been with De Wet – Van der Watt for over eight years.

Her son, Ryan, is a Director Coastal Conservation Strategies in the Environmental Government department in Cape Town, whom she visits frequently.

DonaldDonald Halley

Donald is an Estates Administrator who retired from the corporate insurance world and now uses his skills with the Master of the High Court, the banks, insurance companies and provident funds.

Donald has been happily married to Barbara for 35 years, and has two sons and a daughter.

MavisMavis Rahman

Mavis is a legal secretary at De Wet – Van der Watt, and is a fighter for the public’s rights to refunds with the City Council.

Mavis has three children.

MariaMaria Msenga

Maria is the De Wet – Van der Watt delivery agent and ensures that all of the other  staff members are well serviced with files and refreshments.

Maria is married to Noel, her husband of 35 years, and have four children and three grandchildren (including a set of grandchildren twins).

Magdel Thompson

Magdel is an estates administrator, and our liaison with the Master of the High Court. Magdel ensures that our matters are handled as promptly as possible.